5 Steps To Take Your Product Launch Mobile AND Boost ROI too

Amp Up Yoiur Product Launch with a Mobile Element


When Steve Jobs first came back to Apple, he reallocated 80% of the company’s research and development budget and gave it to the marketing department. His strategy was simple . He knew that he had to first create a better message, then get that message out there before reinforcing it with products that were aligned to that vision.


He knew that Apple were not really in the business of inventing new products. Rather, it was and is in the business of reinventing existing ones by applying Apple’s engineering skills to a proven market [The tablet computer was invented long before the iPad ever came out] In doing so he reinvented entire industries... And created new ones. Two prime examples are, first, ‘digital downloads’ which he pioneered with Itunes and, second, the smart phone and the ubiquitous Iphone


Which segways nicely to my focus for today which is the role of mobile marketing in your product launch which should be seen as additional to and fully integrated into your existing launch strategy and not as a stand alone process.


Here are the  5 steps to take


#1. Define Your Mobile Goals – Having established that your core audience is on-the-move [whose isn’t nowadays], you want to define how your mobile battle plan is going to integrate fully into your launch strategy. If you are an author, think about podcasts and video to stir excitement during the ignition phase. During your pre-launch, design dedicated mobile email sequences that ping your people’s curiosity and drive them to a mobile site to find out more. To start the launch, send an SMS message to your hottest prospects giving them 60 minutes to jump to the front of the queue and buy before the rush starts then follow up with unannounced bonuses. The number of ways that you can integrate mobile into your launch are only limited by your imagination but make sure goals are clearly defined AND be sure to understand how you will know how to measure the impact


Warning: Don’t be tempted to build a vanity App until you have proven that mobile is paying dividends for you. When you do, you will have to do a product launch for that too… so keep it simple to start with and tool up inexpensively. Think beyond the App Store.


#2. Tool Up – SMS messaging, QR codes, click-to-call, mobile gaming, viral forward-a-friend, push notices and mobile keywords to name but a few can all be put to work for you but make sure that you use these powerful tools tactfully. You wouldn’t want to get hit with an email, voice message and SMS message all at once. Printing a QR code on your business card is one obvious way to drive off line traffic to your site. Extend this thinking a bit and you’ll find yourself putting them on all your sales literature and print advertising too especially on that all important last three feet to your cash desk. Make sure your affiliates and JV partners are in on the act too.


#3. CRM Software – You’re going to have to make the change some time so best to do it now. What you’re looking for is online CRM software that will allows your people to subscribe through email and mobile. If this just happens to include social media management too so much the better. Take a look at Brand React who do all three though you’ll have to use insight.ly to handle the Google end of your CRM


#4.Engage Your Audience With a Strong Content Strategy – Ping your prospects curiosity with a little intrigue. Send them a coupon. You want to provide them with useful time sensitive news and offers, last minute discounts for instance. Make a quick video using your own smart phone so you can speak to your clients directly. If you are a clicks and mortar store, then is there a daily deal that you can offer to attract your customers to your business? If you’re an online marketer, your pre-launch events may come in the form of webinars so being able to send a quick SMS message reminding them that you are about to start will boost virtual attendance. Brainstorming how you’re going to integrate mobile into your product launch is crucial. Look for new and original tactics with a strong time sensitive element.


#5. Make Money and Drive Return on Your Mobile Marketing Investment –  Tracking your success will ensure that you can measure your progress and optimize your whole product launch marketing strategy.  Adding this element to may not be at the top of every  list of launch tactics but it certainly should be considered in the ignition phase when your aim is to build your prospect list by pinging your community’s curiosity and putting your launch in the context of societal trends. Doing this effectively means that your people are primed and ready for your pre-launch sequence when you decided to press the GO button.


No launch happens in a vacuum so when you reach out through social media  [don’t forget that people are updating their walls and their feeds using mobile devices more and more] and on-the-move marketing strategy you are using every platform at your disposal to establish a bridgehead for your new product.


Are your already using mobile in your marketing strategy? Are you considering it? If not, why not?


The whole world is on the move. People in your community are doing their best to leverage their available time to the max. Helping them do that is vital to your success. If you are just starting out into that parallel reality that is the digital world, you are at an advantage. You won’t have to unlearn all those old marketing tactics and relearn new ones. You can start with the new ones straight away


So… Tell me… which mobile tactic appeals to you most and why?


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Rory Ramsden