5 Excuses For Not Doing a Product Launch – Take Your Pick

happy customer..

Happy Customer


Just for a second imagine your ideal client.  The one who will pay a premium for your product or service because he or she instantly gets the value of your offer. Now in your mind’s eye see yourself attracting a group of these ideal customers, engaging them in your product launch conversation and then see them buying your products or services not once, but again and again.


That is what an effectively executed product launch marketing strategy will do for you. It reaches out to the people who want what you’re offering, proves that you are the go-to guy in your niche, invites them to take action, and then keeps them coming back for more


Sounds good, right? It’s probably the most effective method of marketing your products online around today


And yet there are people out there trying to persuade themselves that it won’t work for them…


Here are the 5 most common excuses…


#1.I know that doing a product launch is effective but it won’t work in my niche

The fundamental reason why product launches work like gang busters is because they appeal to people on an emotional level. Your launch story quickly identifies the major challenges that your core audience is facing, empathizes with them, proves to them that their lives could be better, and then shows them what to do to achieve their goals. Looked at like this, every niche marketing strategy is based on the same core principles which is why doing a product launch will work in any niche.


#2.Product launch marketing only works for the big brands

Sure… Companies like Apple use product launch principles to launch their Iproducts. Just look at the success they’ve had doing it but there are product launches going on in 100s of small niches on a weekly basis. Niches like medicinal herbs, horse dressage and real estate. Authors are even doing product launches for their books. The fact is that they work for small one man bands just as well as they do for the big brands.


#3.I did a product launch and it didn’t work for me

There are no guarantees of success in life.  A product launch is not a magic bullet. The key is to really understand the people in your core market on an emotional level. If you skim over your market research… if you do not position your product against your competitors… if your product is not innovative or original or different, there is no marketing strategy in the world that will work effectively. You could just sell on price but that is the start of a death spiral to oblivion. Slashing prices is the quick way to kill your company.


#4.I wish I could do a product launch but I don’t have a mailing list

Building a mailing list online is the first and most important step to take when you move into a new market. Even if you are just intending to move some of your business online, your existing ‘snail mail’ list can be invited to join you. To build a list quickly though, you will need a budget to buy Facebook or Google advertising. Properly geo-targeted this can cost lest than you would expect


#5.I don’t sell digital products so doing a product launch won’t work for me

In #2 above, I mentioned Apple. Do they sell physical products ? I think so… 🙂 Yes, they sell digital products too and there is a message for you there as well. It is that you should add value to your hard goods by bundling them with your own digital products be they how-to guides, mistakes-to-avoid ebooks or case studies showing the success people have had using your products. There are many ways to create a crushing offer that combine both.


Success they say is full of “cans” and failure full of “can’ts” so stop looking for excuses for not doing a product launch and start planning to get yourself launch ready. It’s not rocket science


If you want us to create a product launch blueprint, we would be happy to help. The cost is minimal and you can execute it yourself if you choose to. Contact us to day to find out more… no commitment necessary


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Rory Ramsden