4 Ways To Quickly Build Your Expert Status

Expert Ability

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We all have too much to do. Time is short. Decisions have to be made on-the-fly. When we buy a product or service, The default position we all take is “Speak to the expert“.

Whether you’re doing a product launch or just need to get your car fixed, you will naturally seek out the expert. The recognized authority who can quickly and easily fulfill our most earnest desire.

That’s why you want to hire a product launch manager to ensure that you position yourself as the recognized expert in your segment of the market. With that positioning,everything becomes possible.

The market will come to you. Deals will come to you. And as if by magic, money will come to you too.

So how do you quickly and effectively establish yourself as the expert ?

#1 Social Proof – As an expert, you will be well known to your peer group of experts. Invite the ones who are already known in the market you wish to break into, to join you on a webinar. The ones who have a complimentary product will be happy to accept. Your audience will understand implicitly that you must be an expert too. Flowing from this will come the authority you need for a successful product launch.

#2 Track Record – In your first pre-launch event make sure that you tell your audience what you have achieved. Your track record speaks for itself.

#3 Marquee Clients – Quote your previous big-name clients. If they were smart enough to hire you, then your audience will be impressed

#4 More Proof – If a big brand like Apple is using a system or process very similar to the one you are marketing then point that out. We all know that every time that Apple does a product launch there are queues round the block. The fact that they are using the same formula to engage their market as I do should convince you of its effectiveness.

Never assume your audience knows who you are – For each subsequent pre-launch event, remind your audience of your track record. Provide more proof that you are the ‘real deal’.

It has been scientifically proven that people have to see an advertising message or slogan between 5 and 7 times before they remember it. So don’t be shy. There will be people on the 2nd event who did not make the first one. Remind them to click through and watch the replay.

Make sure that  you introduce yourself with quiet authority. Just be authentic…


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Rory Ramsden