4 Tactics To Win The Battle For Your Prospect’s Mind

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong


Positioning is the idea that shook Madison Avenue to its core in the 1970s. The high priests of marketing and advertising deemed the concept a heresy. To no avail,  in this wired world the concept has become the crucial element in any effective product launch marketing strategy


It is about how the human mind works. It’s about the battle for your prospects’ attention. It’s about joining the conversation going on inside their heads. And it’s about learning about life.


The average American consumer is exposed to $376 worth of advertising 24/7/365.


This is why the only way to score big is to laser focus your offer on your core market; Keep your message simple; And give yourself every chance of grabbing their attention and holding it by using these 4 tactics…


Tactic #1: Less is More


Sharpen the bleeding edge of your message by keeping it short and benefit driven.  Start your pre-launch sequence with a statement – your big idea – that stops them in their tracks.  Do this by targeting the one major frustration that is bugging your prospects to distraction. Then hit them with the most powerful benefits that you can offer. Above all answer the question that is uppermost in their minds… “What’s in it for me ?”


Tactic #2: Be First


The easy way to get into a person’s mind is to be first. For example, you instantly know who was the first man on the moon, but you’d be hard pushed to name the second.


Kodak was the first in photography. Xerox was the first in copiers. Coke was the first in cola. Being first in the market with a new product is a powerful place to be. Just look at how many Ipads have been sold – 1,000,000 in the first 28 days.


Tactic #3: Know Your Enemy


“Look for the hole” and then fill it. This French marketing expression is a perfect strategy as against the American attitude of positive thinking, “Bigger and Better”. If you want to be a Columbus, then head west if everyone else is going east. Sometimes there is no hole. Then you have to create your own by being innovative or original.


Tactic #4: Be Innovative

Being innovative and original whilst being careful to ensure that your product resonates with you core audience will disrupt the status quo. Disrupting the status quo forces your prospects to shift their view of reality. Being a thought leader will attract the early adopters in your market place and position you as the authority who everyone turns to for advice.


No one has time to wade through 18 page sales letters. They want their messages delivered in micro bursts.


Using these 4 tactics in your product launch sequence will position you as the market leader and allow you to turn that stale old 18 page sales letter on its side and deliver it in bite sized junks. Delivering your launch story in the way that is most convenient to the your audience is crucial.


Harvard psychologist Dr. George A. Miller says the average mind cannot deal with more than seven units at a time. Hence, seven-digit phone numbers, The Seven Dwarfs, etc.


That’s why, a product launch is so effective. It gives your prospects the time to get to know you. You build your credibility and your authority consistently whilst providing proof  that you are a genuine friendly person. They become familiar with you and comfortable with your core myth.


People would far rather to do business with  someone they know and like than a complete stranger


When it comes to launching new products,  you have to get into the mind of your ideal client, and position your product accordingly.


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