4 Success Boosting Tips For Your Product Launch

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Pulling off a successful product launch can be stressful… Are you looking for a confidence builder ?


We’ve all been there so what you’re feeling is nothing new


Right! When you’re working on  a new launch, you may be nervous about the future. You start to wonder whether all the development work you’re doing will pay off. So, you start looking for re-assurance. Here are 4 tips to help you move forward quickly


But first, make sure that I have zeroed in on my core market


If you are assuming that you’ve got this right without having hard data, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Take the time to fully verify your market by surveying your list or if you can, just jump on the phone and ask your best clients for feedback…


Getting their opinion will either validate the work that you have done OR give you a good idea how to put it back on track


Here are 4 those helpful tips to get your planning right…


#1. Time Frame – How much time will you need to launch the product? To work this out start on launch day and work back through every step that you’ve defined. Your launch could take 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Remember, don’t tie yourself down to one immovable date, you need to judge the buzz in the market place and adjust accordingly. Launch when the market is ready


#2.  Market Research – The regular marketers talk about you having to know the psychographics and demographics or your core audience. That’s important for sure but don’t forget to do a thorough analysis of your competition as well. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you position your offer and play to your own strengths


#3. Your Offer – You’re not selling a quarter inch drill bit. You’re selling the hole it will make. I mean that you must focus on what your product will do for your buyers and what benefits they will gain. Use the F.A.B structure to make sure that you are pushing all the right buttons in your prospects heads. If you do this, it’ll make it a lot easier for them to buy


#4. Delegate – Frank Sinatra didn’t play every instrument in the band. he just turned up and sang. Focus on using your strengths in the same way and out source the rest. You’ll get a lot more done more effectively if you use this tactic. AND you’ll be building a product launch team that you can depend on as you take your business to the next level


Warning: Ignore this advice at your peril. It has been won in the war of hard knocks otherwise called experience.


The best way to pinpoint the weaknesses in your product launch strategy is to get a fresh pair of eyes to look it over. Just talking to someone about it will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day. We offer a FREE product launch evaluation service to help you get your product to the launch pad.  Contact us now to find out more.


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Rory Ramsden