4 Product Types Plus 2 To Focus On


Do you want to add value to an existing physical product?  Do you offer a service and wish to leverage your expertise to boost your income ? Or is your goal to make the most out of your most prized asset, A lifetime’s experience?


Then the most profitable way to do that is to create a digital product… One that you can bundle into your existing offer and in so doing differentiate yourself from your competition… Or one that will stand alone as an additional offer and in so doing will expand your circle of trust and strengthen your positioning as THE trusted authority to do business with. Whichever is most applicable to you, you want to make sure that you first decide how to appeal to your prospects aspirations…


Here are 4 ways…


#1. Appeal to their sense of self – Do your prospects aspire to be respected? To be differed to as an expert? A source of good advice? A trusted and senior figure in their market? Then the identity based model is for you. You want to teach them to be that person.


#2. Appeal to their desire to implement a simple system – When I first met my celestial navigation instructor, he said ” I can teach a monkey to do this, Rory, so you should have no problem at all” Now, however you take that the point was that he had a system that made a complicated subject easy to understand. Do you have a system? One that will transform a complicated process into a simple step by step process? One that will act as a template that cane be pulled out and used repeatedly?  If so then this product type is for you…


Product Launch Trusted Authority


#3. Make it easy to achieve a goal – These are ‘how to’ products. How to get #1 Google rankings in 5 easy steps. How to manage your social media marketing in 20 minutes per day. How to outsource your life. A good example if this genre, is the ‘4 hour work week‘ by Tim Ferriss which is all about outsourcing repetitive tasks and just doing the value added work that people will pay top dollar for.  If you can inspire people to think differently and achieve their goals in the same way then #3 is for you.


#4. Appeal to a higher purpose – Some people are not interested in the every day. They are passionate about making life better for the 99%. Is your prime goal to reinvent life as we know it. Then this is your category of product, however loath to call it that you are. You have to make people an offer. You have to give them a reason to join your movement. Maybe you even have to appeal to their idealism. However you chose to describe your mission, the fundamental fact is you want to put together a marketing strategy and launch your book.


The most effective of these four is to appeal to people’s sense of self  or their desire to implement a simple system that will make their lives easier. Using this strategy to decide how to approach your community will set the whole tone of your product launch. it must be congruent with your vision and will help you answer your prospects’ first question … “What’s in it for me?”


Are you using a different model ? Which one ? Why did you choose that one ? Do you have a key tip to share?


Please be kind and leave a comment for the rest of the Prolaunch community below… Why? Because you guys ROCK!


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Rory Ramsden