4 Product Launch Core Tactics

Prodfuct Launch Core Tactics discussed

Prodfuct Launch Core Tactics discussed


I’ve mapped out a product launch marketing strategy that will help you understand the big picture. Now let’s look at the main tactics that you can use.


This is an overview of just 4


#1. Tools

There are a multitude of tools that you can use to build buzz and anticipation before and during your launch.

Here are just a few…
* Email – and Yes, email is still very important –
* SMS messaging – particularly important in a friction free product launch because you can reach out to prospects on the move
* Video – Either LIVE action of screen capture but make sure that it is rendered to play on mobile devices
* Webinars/Teleseminars – help you build credibility and authority in your niche and are an excellent source of qualified leads
* Surveys – An essential first step in getting the feedback necessary to optimize your market research and more
* Blogs – A key part of any launch where your ‘crowd’ can gather and leave comments
* Social Media – Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that 600m people check into Facebook regularly and 95% of Americans with broadband connections check in every day. What you may not have realized is the importance that Twitter and Facebook have in connecting with your prospects on the move through Apps.


#2. Mental Triggers

There are more than 30 that you can use. Here are the top 6…

* Stories – We are hard wired to listen to stories. Tell someone an engaging story and they will remember it far longer than a dry list of product features
* Common Enemy – In your story you identify the common enemy. The institution, person or thing that everyone in your niche loves to hate. In doing this you are siding with them against this unseen force and becoming part of the community. Being seen as friendly and likeable is super important in connecting with your audience.
* Authority – We are taught to respect authority from an early age. We assume that an authority is also an expert in their chosen field. In an age when we have to make a multitude of decisions, daily if not hourly, often with little to go on and no time to hunt down alternative sources, we are likely to go with the authority figure even if doing so costs more… We feel that is the least risky thing to do and everyone wants to reduce risk to a minimum.
* Proof – The more proof you can provide the better. There are at least 21 different sorts. Social proof is one of the most important because we like the reassurance provided by our peer group when making buying decisions. If our friends are doing it, our desire to do it is reinforced.
* Anticipation – Your product launch story will help you build anticipation and buzz. This builds desire ready for the next mental trigger
* Scarcity – If you are afraid that you are going to miss out on getting hold of a desirable object because there are just a few available, you are going to work much harder to get it


#3. The Offer

This is where you lay out in as much detail as you can what your customers are actually going to get; how they are going to get it; what bonuses you have bundled in which support and strengthen your offer; how much they will pay; your payment terms,  your guarantee; the risk reversal. All this goes into your crushing offer PLUS you have to go back to your launch story and put your finger on the key pain points that your niche is struggling with and re-iterate the benefits that they are quickly and easily going to achieve. S0 go through the features but tie them to the tremendous value that is derived from them too.


#4. Sequences

Every product launch is a series of sequences. First you have the pre-pre-launch sequence where you are building momentum and stirring your core audience with anticipatory emails as well as leaking hints and rumors into your targeted social media platforms. Then there is the pre-launch sequence otherwise known as the horizontal helix where you slice up your sales letter into bite sized chunks and deliver it over a few days or weeks. Finally, when you open your cart, you have the launch sequence designed to get as many prospects off the fence and spending money. Don’t forget the post launch stick sequence designed to counter buyer’s remorse and reassure your new clients that they have made the best decision possible.


Those are just some of the tools and tactics that can be baked into a product launch. There are a lot of moving parts which are constantly in a state of flux so it’s important to have an overall marketing strategy to act as a kind of road map. With this you will be able to make quick decisions knowing that they are congruent with your goals.


Are you using some or all of these mental triggers in your product launch ?


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