4 Product Launch Conspiracy Theories AKA Why My product Launch Flopped


I tried a product launch once but it just didn’t work. What I learned was that you either have to have a big name or lots of big name friends helping you launch something for it to be any kind of success. At least I tried!”


Have you overheard someone say the same thing only using different words? I have. The truth of the matter was that they tried to reverse engineer their launch by watching a few big ones as they rolled like thunder across the web before striking gold the moment the shopping cart opened.


Others have poohoo’d the whole product launch thing is no way to run a business marketing strategy or because they did not have a list or even a product. So let’s take those 4 conspiracy theories and reverse engineer each one…


Product Launch Bee


Conspiracy Theory #1:  Doing a product launch is just too political [AKA you have got to have a lot of big name friends] – This one may not be #1 on your list but it certainly is popular. The point that people are missing is that no matter how many good friends you have they certainly will not promote your offer to their community unless they know that a) their people will get real value from it and b) that they will make money. Your pals are far more likely to make polite excuses or more likely just fail to mail for you if they have no confidence in you or your offer.


You don’t need friends if you have an offer that converts like crazy. And you can prove it. In fact, you won’t have to do that or if you do, it’ll just be to confirm what the people clamoring to promote for you alreay know. Which is that you have an offer which is making money hand over fist. And how will they know this?


Because your niche is a small place and the successful entrepreneurs in that space are watching all that goes on like a hawk. Just like you should be watching what they are doing. They are probably already on your list. They know every move you make. Good or bad.


When you combine a great product with an overwhelming offer and then stack one launch on top of another, you’ll attract affiliates just bees are attracted to nice fresh pollen. They know that will make lots of sweet honey…


Product Launch Marketing Engine


Conspiracy Theory #2: Doing a product launch is not a marketing strategy, it’s a bonus – This theory was dreamed up by Rich Schefren,  the business coaching guru to the internet marketing gurus. [AKA the guru to the gurus] Now whilst I respect Rich for all he has achieved, I have to differ with him on this one. The lifeblood of any business is its ability to sell product consistently and effectively. Once you have cash flow you optimize your costs to boost your ROI.


But without an effective marketing strategy, a system in fact, that you can pull off a shelf, dust down and put to work to launch any product in any niche, you will always be struggling.


The first product launch you do  will not be perfect. But you will discover how to optimize your product, your offer, your sales funnel your  copy and a lot more besides. The second launch you do will build on the momentum from the first and make you money. The third will compound these results and so on… Until you have refined your whole product marketing engine to the point that you can almost put the whole process on auto-pilot


At this stage, you have an evergreen product launch system and you can buy as much PPC traffic as you wish, knowing that for every dollar you spend your ROI will be 4 or 5 times greater. Why pay affiliates a 50% commission when you can buy new leads for dimes on the dollar?


Sorry, Rich, doing a product launch is NOT a bonus. Making product launches an integral part of your marketing strategy is crucial to the success of a small business or any business for that matter.  You can do one using social media only. You can do a ‘traditional’ web based launch. Or you can do one using mobile marketing strategies. But best of all, you can do one by combining all three channels to blow the competition away.


Lead Magnet


Conspiracy Theory #3:  You can’t do a product launch unless you have a mega list – The fact is that you do need a list. But you do not need a mega list of 10s of thousands of people. What you do need is a small list of highly responsive followers who open your mails and take action when you ask them to.


The money is NOT in the size of the list [or every spam artist out there would be a millionaire] Then money is in the relationship you have with that list. Even now, when social media marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy, email is the one and only way to communicate tightly targeted messages to lots of people on a one to one basis.


As soon as you have discovered your niche, you want to start building a list by offering an ethical bribe. That means that you want to offer your website visitors something that they really value in return for them giving you their email address. The more value you offer the more eager they will be to subscribe.


Product Launch Speed To Market


Conspiracy Theory #4:  I don’t have a product so I can’t do a product launch – Logical, right?  you can’t do a product launch without a product can you? Well, you can actually. In fact, it’s much better to start your launch process BEFORE you have created your product. Then you can get your community to help you build it with you. What you want to have to start off with is the germ of an idea or two.


These will have popped into your brain during your early market research. Write them down on your ‘ideas’ list. Stage 2 is to test your ideas using PPC advertising. Google will tell you right there in your Adwords account. You can see which one has the highest CTR and which ad headline pulled the most clicks too. Make sure that you spend at least $100 on each idea to find out which one resonates best.


Now you have some subscribers to your lists, go for stage #3. Announce a series of online training sessions or webinars and invite an expert to join you whom you can interview [ the beauty of this system is that you don’t have to be an expert at all. You can find one just by looking on Amazon.com for books that are about to be launched in your niche] Record your webinars. Get them transcribed and edited. Et voila, your first product AND you have all those questions that your audience asked to use to build it out for your second launch.


Big Takeaway: The next time you hear someone debunking the idea of doing a product launch dig a bit deeper. You’ll discover there’s a very good reason for their failure. To return to our friend who said “You either have to have a big name or lots of big name friends helping you launch something for it to be any kind of success” and you’ll immediately see that he had not become a ‘big name’ or ‘trusted authority’ in his niche.


Why should anyone buy anything from someone that they do not respect even in just a small way?  You wouldn’t and nor would I.  You would rather deal with someone you trust than some who popped into your life saying buy from me. Buy from me. Oh, go on, buy from me I’ll give you a discount.


A properly executed launch will position you as the go-to guy in your niche. It will give you the time to prove that you are who you say you are. It will engage your audience and build excitement too. So, tell me… Do you have a product launch conspiracy theory? Have you been telling yourself that they just don’t work?


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Rory Ramsden