3 Ways To Boost Your ROI With An Evergreen Product Launch

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Integrating an evergreen product launch into your product marketing strategy will take your business to a whole new level. The added bonus is that you can almost set-and-forget the whole process and have revenue rolling in 24/7 365.

That may sound to be good to be true but first you have to realize that this the ultimate product launch. Meaning it comes at the end of a series of launches and not at the beginning.

There’s no way of going straight to Z without passing through the A, B, C processes first.

So what is an evergreen product launch?

It’s a simple concept that relies on you having a killer offer, a well honed product, a sales funnel that is so well greased that your visitor value is off the charts plus a back end that converts like crazy

When you have these, you will also have a list of affiliates and JV partners wanting to promote your product so evergreen product launch method #1 is simply to give all the email swipe copy that you have tried and tested to each one in turn and let them do an internal launch to their list.

Method #2 is to set the whole process up for yourself and drive fresh traffic at your landing pages using PPC and Facebook advertising

Method #3 is simply to cross-promote your evergreen product launch to other prospects who have opted into a list(s) that you may have built up for an associated promotion that you have done.

Your aim is to wring every last drop of value from your existing proven best selling offers by making them available to the maximum number of people without doing another big external launch or a lot of work.

This process can go on whilst you are creating the new edition of your product.

Apple do this all the time with their Iphone. Or at least, its a very similar principle

When they introduced the Iphone 4, they may well have remainder stock of the Iphone 3 so out it goes on offer at a vastly reduced price through their partner mobile networks. Everybody wins. Apple clear stock and optimize their bottom line. The Mobile operators sell a highly desirable product on a 2 year plan. The end user wins because he has a must-have gadget at a bargain price.

Now, I not suggesting you discount. Far from it. But I am suggesting that if Apple uses a similar process, then doing an evergreen product launch must be good for you too.

But first, you have to get yourself launch ready.

Take it one launch at a time, hire a product launch manger to guide you


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Rory Ramsden