3 Vital Tips To Hiring The Most Suitable Product Launch Manager

Product Launch Manager

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Is your business poised to do a new product launch ? If yes, then you should look at ways to take advantage of product launch marketing strategies that stack one on-line event on another to build anticipation into the product launch process. In the approach to launch day each one will generate a buzz of excitement. Heading into this process may seem daunting, but you have the choice to hire a product launch manager to help you.


With competition getting ever more cut throat in the world of web marketing, launching a new product can be daunting particularly to newcomers who do not have the skills to enable them to get their products noticed. Hiring a product launch manager is the solution. So what is the most effective way of recruiting one?


By putting his launch strategy skills to expert use a Product Launch Manager will ensure your next product launch generates an excellent financial return. As a rule, you could anticipate making the same returns in a week that you would normally take in a quarter.


So, these are the 3 vital skills you should identify in your product launch manager:


#1. Copy writing – He must be capable of creating excellent copy. Copy that sells. Having an expert copywriter on your launch team is essential.

#2. Experienced – There’s no substitute for experience. Nevertheless, look around for someone who not only has experience but is someone you like. Remember, since your working relationship will be a close one it’s essential that you get on as people.

#3. Trained by Jeff Walker – Make a short list of potential candidates for your product launch manager position and find out who trained them. If the answer is Jeff Walker, then you’re pretty much home and dry. Jeff is the only guy in the world who offers quality Product Launch Management training through his Product Launch Formula and Product Launch Manager courses.


You may be surprised by the amazing value that you are being offered when it comes to making the deal. Our standard terms call for an upfront fee plus a percentage on the gross revenue. To put it another way, if you don’t sell anything we don’t make a cent either on the back end.


It is important to realize that as product launch managers, we will not work solely on a percentage of sales. We will have to work hard to get your product to the launch pad so be prepared to pay for that.


As a product publisher, you probably already know that to ensure a winning launch you need expert help. After all, if you want to get your launch right first time, who wouldn’t! Discover how we can help get your product launch ready You will be happily surprised by how cost effective it is. In fact, it would be a good idea to discover what’s in it for you too!



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