3 Simple Steps To Launching a New Product


Have you got a new product ready to launch? Are you looking for 3 simple steps to getting your community in the right state of mind ?


Launching a new product into a ‘cold’ market is not smart. You may think it is the best thing since sliced bread but unless you prime your market they may not understand how valuable your offer really is.


That’s because you are the expert. As an acknowledged authority in your field, you may feel that is blindingly obvious but, and please excuse me for being direct, what you think is totally irrelevant


You want to walk a mile in your ideal client’s moccasins and see it from his point of view. He cannot see into the future like you. He doesn’t have your knowledge and expertise. He just wants his problem – the one that you can solve – to go away and fast. The faster the better… He may even be satisfied with the product or service that he is using right now but that does not mean that he is not open to a better solution because he is…



So here are 3 ways to prime the market ready for your new product launch


#1. Mindset – There are 3 overarching trends in society that impact our daily lives. The first is Financial. The second is social. And the third is technology. Write a special report that takes these drivers and shows how they are impacting your market now. Your ideal client is so busy keeping up with the day-to-day demands made by his business that it’s hard for him to look further down the road. By looking at the big picture, synthesizing the meaning and then pointing to the action that must be taken to avoid the threat and take advantage of the opportunity, you prime your niche and set up the right mindset.


#2. The Teaser Campaign – Now you have people thinking the right way, it’s time to start your teaser campaign. Your goal is to leak just enough information – through third parties and third party sites – to get people googling for more information… about your product or service and about you. The past master at this tactic was of course Steve Jobs. A new iPhone was ‘lost’. Rumours started to circulate. Twitter and Facebook joined in as people retweeted and shared the posts on their timeline. Pretty soon everyone who was anyone in that market was talking about it. Having thrown the stone in the pond, the teaser campaign goes viral


#3. The Stimulation Campaign – Now is the time to build on those rumours by putting up a squeeze page and posting a video – like a movie trailer – that apparently sets off in a predictable direction and then dramatically swerves to take a completely path. This resets  the viewers expectations = changes their and grabs their attention.


Air dropping your offer into your market without executing this 3 step ignition phase will certainly leave you disappointed. You want your community to be ready and waiting eagerly for your new product launch to get under way. You want them primed for action. You want them to instantly get the value of your new product or service.


This will ensure that when you go into your pre-launch sequence, you will make an instant impact. Starting the conversation around your launch will be easy. Comments will come fast and frequent. Integrating these with Facebook will make sure that your new product launch will go viral.


Your launch ignition phase requires an effective social media marketing campaign using Facebook, Twitter, your blog and that social media site where your people like to hang out.  You have to hang out where they do and build your launch from there…


How do you stimulate your market into action ? If you have used another way of priming the pump before launching your new product, just leave a comment below




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Rory Ramsden