3 Quick Ways To Avoid Product Launch Disappointment

Have you Validated Your Niche ?

Have you Validated Your Niche ?


Before you commit to a product launch, you want some certainty of success.


You want a quick and easy way to test the market so that you are sure that your innovative idea resonates with the market.


You may think it’s just sheer brilliance but, with respect, what you think does not count.


The ultimate arbiter of your success is your niche market


Here are 3 ways to avoid product launch disappointment


#1 Write your sales letter – Yes… The first thing to do is to write your sales letter. Do this and your will focus your ideas on developing the benefits that your offer will deliver.


#2 Drive Traffic at an Opt in Page – Split testing some PPC ads will tell you pretty quickly if your idea resonates or not. The added benefit is that you will instantly begin the list building process.


#3 Promote Similar Offers as an Affiliate – Now select a range of similar offers as an affiliate to see which ones convert best. This will confirm that there really are people out there with money who want to spend it.


These are fool proof ways of ensuring that you do not waste time and money developing your product only to launch it to a market that is not full of hungry buyers


Remember that your aim is to answer this question in the shortest possible time


What can I sell at a premium price to people with money that will have a lot more value to them than the money they paid for it


This requires that the risk your prospects run by buying your product is minimal compared to the likely returns they can expect




A premium price requires that you create an offer that is so overwhelming that even those sitting on the fence cannot resist it if you offer a way to pay over a number of months


Make sure that your product launch is congruent with ones that you have done in the past. If you have a reputation for selling $97 e-books it’s hard to make the jump to selling a $2000 digital home study course. So start out as you mean to go on


The price point itself will position you in the market.


Start by developing a long term marketing strategy.  You should plan on doing one product launch after another because each one will build on the position you have established.


That’s why as product launch managers, we are not interested in one-off deals. We aim to build a relationship with client with a view to doing 3 or 4 product launches with him. He gains and so do we.


So make sure that you don’t waste your time. Validate your idea using these 3 simple tips¬† and you’ll start the product development phase in good shape


Leave a comment and tell us if you have another killer way of testing the market…


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Rory Ramsden