3 Essentials For Product Launch Marketing Success

Product Launch Success

Product Launch Success


For your product launch to be successful, make a ton of sales and deliver real value to your target market, you need an effective product launch marketing strategy. This will make the difference between getting a “Wow!” from your customers and being ignored


The right product launch marketing plan is ultimately the difference

between your success or failure


Yet, the path to a successful launch strategy isn’t always clear


Listening to the advice of the experts, or the so-called experts, and being able to distill it down into something truly useful and effective can be tough. Fortunately, there are some common threads you’ll find woven into just about every piece of advice you’ll hear or read.


Here are three of the most essential principles to keep in mind when planning your product launch sequence:


#1. Understand Your Target Market

First off, you need to know your audience really well and have a realistic expectation of how your product will resonate with them. Start-up companies often talk about “market domination”. This takes time so its best to start with a more realistic approach


Your product is not, at least the first time you launch it, likely to be at the top of everyone’s radar. So, what you need to do is develop a launch strategy that includes a series of ever bigger product launches. During this process your initial market research will be filled out by the actual surveys  you conduct


Validating that your market research is vital. Knowing what’s going on inside your prospects heads is essential. Understanding their buying habits is a must not to mention their attitudes, priorities and lifestyle


Getting a clear picture of what keep your potential customers awake at night will give you the tools you need to design an effective product launch marketing plan


#2. Be Creative

The best example of this marketing principle is, of course, the Superbowl commercial…


A creative Superbowl commercial might spawn a catchphrase that becomes part of the everyday lexicon of millions of viewers


If you can incorporate that kind of creative thinking into your marketing strategy, you’ll exponentially increase your chances of success. Keep in mind, however, that your efforts at creativity should support and be related to your product


Budweiser can produce a “What’s Up?” commercial and make it memorable because they’re already a known brand. The challenge for you is to create a memorable marketing strategy that not only gets attention but that clients immediately associate with your product


#3. Be Connected

A product launch doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are competitors out there who, if they’re not already offering a product that tries to do what yours does, soon will be.


And, there are a thousand resources out there, just waiting to take sides and recommend one over the other.


Accordingly, you need to be linked with your market. You need to connect with affiliated companies, with industry experts, with media and even with bloggers. Getting a popular blogger to do a product review, for example, can often give your launch that extra boost it needs to really make a difference


Ultimately, the success of your product launch marketing strategy will be impacted greatly by these three factors. Of all the factors that go into a product launch that are under your control, these are the three most significant


Master them and you will master your market

As a product owner or publisher, you probably already realize that to ensure a successful product launch you need expert help. After all, very few of us actually get to fly the aeroplane that takes us on holiday! Find out how to get yourself launch ready. You will be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our proposals are. In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!


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Rory Ramsden