3 Crucial Ingredients For Product Launch Marketing Success

Product Launch Success

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For your new product launch to be successful, make a ton of sales and deliver real value to your target market, you need an effective product marketing strategy. Delivering real value will impress your customers and leave them wanting to buy from you again. Ultimately the success or failure of your product can be traced back to how effective your product launch marketing was.


Yet, the path to an appropriate and successful strategy isn’t always clear.


Listening to the advice of the experts, or the so-called experts, and being able to distill it down into something truly useful and effective can be tough. Happily, in almost every bit of advice you hear or read there are shared ideas to be found.


Here are three of the most essential principles to keep in mind when making your product launch marketing plan:


#1. Understand Your Target Market – To start with, do your research and get to know your audience so that you know exactly what they need from your product. Confirming that your market research is accurate is vital. Getting to know what keeps them awake at night is key. Not only knowing their buying habits but also their chief interests and pre-occupations is vital.


#2. Be Creative – For an excellent example of this marketing principle just look at what happens at the Superbowl. A commercial that catches the attention of millions of spectators with a clever catchphrase,  goes viral instantly. Your challenge is to create a memorable marketing strategy that not only gets atention but that clients immediately associate with your product.


#3. Get Connected – Product launch marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are competitors out there who, if they’re not already offering a product that tries to do what yours does, soon will be. And, there are a great many blog reviewers on the web, just itching to recommend your product over another.


Therefore, you have to be as one with your market. Get connected with other businesses, with other experts in your industry, with specialist media as well as with those bloggers. Getting a popular blogger to do a product review, for example, can often give your launch that extra boost it needs to really make a difference.


Finally, the success of your product launch strategy will certainly depend on these three points. Of all the elements that make up a product launch, these three are the most essential. If you pay attention to them your market will pay attention to you…



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Rory Ramsden