2 Steps To Reaching Out To People On The Move With Your Launch

Product Launch Goes Mobile

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So yesterday we looked at the impact that the Kindle Fire may have on your marketing strategy and in particular on how it is now imperative that you integrate a mobile element in your new product launch.


Now let’s take that one step further and examine the tools you can integrate into that launch


#1. Direct Messaging – Using internet protocol-supported (as opposed to carrier-supported) messaging platforms, Apple have introduced iMessage and Blackberry, the BBM application. Google will no doubt announce an Android messaging platform soon. The key is to put a flexible strategy in place – iMessage/Android Message/BBM Application – to start with until you can laser target your prospects using the solution of choice.


#2. SMS Messaging – Combine group SMS messaging with ‘click-to-call’ calls to action and send your prospects to your voice messaging service. This can be a a free tip to move them closer to their goal, a reminder that your next pre-launch event will start imminently, an unannounced bonus for taking action or … Well you get the idea, the tactic that you use is only limited by your own imagination


#3. Voice Messaging There are a myriad of tactics to drive traffic to your voice messaging service. Two that Joe Polish recommends is to include free phone number in your kindle ebook so that those buyers are invited to call to receive an unannounced bonus. OR… if you are launching a big box product, make the first thing that your new customer sees when they open it be a note from you asking him to call you for a fast action guide on what they must do first…


#4. QR CodesThese are becoming ubiquitous. Print them on all your promotional literature – that includes your business card – and on your proximity advertising too. You can them drive traffic to your mobile site and invite people to subscribe to your mobile list. This will ensure that their OS is noted as well so you can build segmented lists of Iphone and Android users.


#5. HTML5 – The argument rages on – “Apps are the best!” “No way! Mobile web!” – but the truth is that you should build a mobile web site anyway. The cost is much lower and the development time much quicker. Your core audience wants to be offered a choice. That choice is not fixed so in answer to one question, a person might prefer an App and to another a mobile web site and to another a Facebook invite, another an email, and so on.


#6. Apps –  Building an App can be an expensive business so thoroughly test your market and build towards creating an App. View it is a product like any other. Be prepared to do a product launch for it to gain maximum impact.


You don’t have to use all 6 tactics in your friction free product launch. Just incorporate the ones that work for you but start by building a list of mobile subscribers knowing that more people are buying smartphones every day. Pretty soon ‘everyone’ will have one. That is if the people with money to spend don’t already.


Here are 4 Priorities…

Priority #1: Develop a Mobile Strategy to engage your customers over the long term and boost the lifetime value of each one

Priority #2: Create a Web Based Mobile ready Landing page using a custom led magnet

Priority #3: Build a OS Segmented list of subscribers

Priority #4: Build a simple mobile site using mobisitegalore.com


Remember use clear calls to action in all your messaging – voice and text –  Require data entry before sharing content (e.g. “Reply with your birth date to receive your coupon!”) And make sure what you are giving away is genuinely time sensitive


Integrating a mobile strategy into your new product launch will allow you to reach out to all those tablet and smart phone users in your niche that your competitors may still be ignoring. Being the first to leverage this technology will make you the market leader and build your expert authority status not to mention boosting your ROI


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