2 Simple Steps To Customer Engagement

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There are 2 simple steps to engaging with your customer during a product launch. Neither of them is difficult. Neither involves some complicated or convoluted marketing strategy. Both are used every day to a greater or lesser degree.

Pay close attention now because I wouldn’t want you to miss them…

Step #1: Ask
Step #2: Listen

Got that?

I said that they were simple but it is surprising how many marketers don’t bother with either

I mean how can you be certain you’re developing a product that is laser focused on the frustrations of people in your core market if you have not verified your market research by asking them.

Think of it this way…

You’ve been craving a big juicy burger and a cold beer all day. You put in more than a full day at the office, you worked out, you’ve been good all week – you deserve it! You finally get to the restaurant and without asking to take your order, the server brings you a big salad and a glass of sparkling water. She smiles proudly because she knows she’s giving you the best thing possible to ensure good health and long life. She’s happy in the knowledge that she served your best interests. She’s giving you what she feels is best for you without taking the time to consult with you.

Now, tell me how would you feel?

  • Amazed ?
  • Annoyed ?
  • Disappointed ?

The whole scenario smacks of some faceless nanny-knows-best bureaucracy


Isn’t this EXACTLY what you’re in the process of doing right now?

Assuming  that you know what your customers want based on your market research

Haven’t you ever thought of asking them?

This is especially true in online businesses where you apparently don’t have the same opportunities to have valuable “face time” with your customers. But if you’re in a ‘clicks & mortar’ business, you could be just as guilty. How much time do you spend talking to your customers?

You could get some valuable insights listening to their everyday concerns. Pretty soon you’ll be picking out a trend or two. Next you’ll be looking for solutions to the frustrations they expressed.

Running short surveys – with a desirable incentive – for your customers to complete will surface some killer insights that will help you boost your top line sales. Just being there to listen to their concerns and frustrations will create a bond that was not there before. Those customers will want to reciprocate by answering your questions.

When you take the time to speak directly with your customers, they feel you care about them, they feel important, they feel connected. Oh, there’s one more bonus – There’s the feel-good factor. They’ll feel invigorated to be dealing with a business that is not made up of faceless automatons. A business with real people who care what they think.

When people start to share how they feel about you, and about you taking the time with them it adds rocket fuel to your own excitement and commitment to them and all of your customers. You feel invigorated too.

The market intelligence you will gain will be super valuable

  • You’ll get to know their biggest frustrations first hand
  • You’ll get to know how best to solve their problems.
  • You’ll get to know what they value and why.
  • You’ll be able to create a new product more quickly and easily
  • Your next product launch will be a success


  • You can select a small group of those customers to beta test it
  • Then you can optimize it based on their feedback
  • Write the sales copy using their words and phrases
  • Make case studies too
  • Plus those customers will be advocates for you and your product.
  • And they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

How’s that for social proof?

Now I’m sure that you understand the importance of getting out there and asking your customers what they think, feel and want. If you’re preparing a new product launch, this is one way to make sure that all that time and energy is not wasted. You will have real hard data to base your product marketing strategy on.

Having a customer centered business makes sense. When you do a product launch your customers will already be engaged. They will trust you. They will see you as a respected and respectable business and what’s more they will like you. People prefer to do business with people like that. So get out there and ask your customers what they want…

Your next product launch depends on it.

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