13 Pre-Launch Momentum Building Tactics That You Can Use Right Now




When you put your pre-launch sequence in motion, make sure that you have the wind at your back by building momentum well in advance.



The success of your product launch depends on it so focus on answering the ‘What’s in it for me” question that is in the forefront of your prospects minds all the time.



Here are 13 buzz marketing tips to get you started


#1 Unique Mechanism – To be a success your product launch offer has to have a unique mechanism that redefines the status quo. Disrupting your  market by being innovative sets you apart from the competition and makes you a thought leader.


#2 Pack Your Headlines with Benefits – In the build up to your product launch, split test headlines until you find the one or more that convert really well. These will confirm that your offer resonates with your core audience. Focusing on benefit lead headlines grabs attention and gets you the opt in


#3 Lead Magnet – Test lead magnets until you find the one that resonates best. Again this is a powerful indicator for the direction your product launch should take. Your best lead magnet has to be congruent with your unique mechanism


#4 Facebook Business Page – Now that you can IFrame html into Facebook business pages you can create a completely customized experience for your visitors outside your ‘wall’ Set up a squeeze page. Build a following of fans. Host a video series. Set up an impromptu discussion using Zipcast. The only limit to what you can do within the Facebook walled garden is your imagination.


#5 Twitter Account – It’s easy enough to interface your Facebook page with your Twitter account so do it. Build a targeted list of followers in Twitter using your money keywords. Don’t forget to use Twilerts.com to get regular email updates on the trending topics in your niche.


#6 LinkedIn – Company Page/Group – Yes, you can now set up a business page on LinkedIn so do it and make sure that you post regular news here too. Drive traffic at it by mailing your contacts and consider upgrading so that you can contact anyone on the network


#7 Amazon Book Reviews – Choose books that are particularly relevant to your niche and leave video reviews on the most important ones. This is a great way to get noticed by the authors so you can invite them to join you on a webinar. Don’t forget to fill out your profile and get your blog listed on Amazon too.


#8 YouTube Video marketing – The second biggest search engine on the planet is also a social network. Build up your list of subscribers and friends here too


#9 Niche Specific Social Networks – can be a particularly valuable tool for connecting with your target audience so don’t overlook them.


#10 Forum Marketing – A simple search using Google will tell you where your crowd go to chat when not on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you join them. You will also be able to monitor the questions that are causing the biggest stir. Picking up the phraseology and terms  that are in common use will ensure that your copy uses the expected language too.


#11 M. Sub-Domain – Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays so don’t forget to leverage this opportunity. Mobile marketing is big and getting bigger so not have an M dot sub-domain may be an oversight you will come to regret pretty quickly. Remember use the KISS principle at all times or you will overwhelm your visitors


#12 Advertising – To get a serious amount of traffic quickly you cannot overlook good old PPC and now Facebook advertising to boost traffic.  If you choose not to, you will take an age to get valid split test results. No product launch budegt is complete with a four or five figure sum dedicated to driving traffic at your squeeze pages.


#13 Signature Marketing – Last but by no means least make use of signature marketing wherever and however you can.  Integrating  your marketing messages in your day-to-day emails to existing clients should not be overlooked especially if you have set it up to happen automatically.


Now you have set up this network of pages and tools, join the conversation. Comment, like and retweet. Add value to the conversation. Do all this before you even think of mentioning your up-coming product launch. The key is to become a valued member of the community. The people who matter to you will notice and reciprocate.


But remember a conversation is a two or three or more way interaction so listen to opinions. There may be some valuable ideas that you can integrate into your product.


Your aim is to build  your lists of subscribers in as many ways as you can and then continue sharing quality content directly whether that be my email, DMs, SMS or messaging.


When you start your pre-launch make sure you give everyone a chance to opt in to your launch list. There’s an unwritten agreement between you. It did not include carpet bombing your people with your pre-launch email sequence. They had no idea that you were preparing to do a product launch when they subscribed.


Respect that fact


Got a comment?  Something to add? Which tactics work best for you? Leave a comment below…



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Rory Ramsden