$116,000 a Second? No Way, Not Me – I’m Using Mobile Marketing


US $116,000 per second.That’s what the big brands are spending on their Super Bowl Advertising


And yet, iPhones and iPads account for 72 percent of Apple’s total revenue. Neither existed 5 years ago… Apple have just had their best quarter ever with net income greater than Google’s revenue for Q4


If you haven’t got the message yet, these figures should tell you something very clearly


  1.  In the last 5 years, Apple has reinvented itself as THE supplier of smart mobile devices.
  2. Pretty soon 50% of connections to the internet will be made from mobile devices
  3. PayPal expects to see $7 billion in mobile payment volume in 2012.
  4. If you haven’t integrated mobile into your marketing strategy already you are in danger of being left behind as the mobile revolution gathers pace…


You still have a little time but the last few are pushing to get on board. These people will be in the vanguard. The next group will be playing catch up…

Product Launch Go Mobile

The quickest way for you to jump this queue is to get hold of Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner’s new book
– Go Mobile – released just in time for the Super Bowl next week. You’ll learn how to leverage the explosive growth  in this new marketing channel and put it to work for you


Meanwhile, advertisers will spend about $3.5 million trying to grab the attention of the 100 million+ people expected to watch the game. And virtually all of these spectators will have a smart phone in their pocket.


This then is the perfect time for a small business to take advantage of the advertising spend made by the major players by implementing their own mobile marketing strategy at a tiny fraction of the cost of the big brands


Here are 7 ways to score some big points…


#1. QR Codes – Everyone wants a bite to eat in the lead up to the big game so put QR Codes to work for you by going to Kaywa, QR Stuff, or QuikQR (to name a few). Produce one for Giants fans, and one for Patriots fans. Then print them on to stickers and slap one on every pizza box that leaves your shop. Stick them on fliers, business cards, menus. In fact any promotional material that you have had printed for your business.

Product Launch QR Code

When customers scan the code make sure they go straight to a landing page on your website where you can offer them a coupon for a game-time special in exchange for their name, email, and maybe even their phone number. Boost excitement some more by running a sweepstakes for everyone who subscribes and tweets about it to their network. Prizes are up to you but could include the ‘chef’s special’, dinner for two, a two for one offer on  your hot selling widget or, well, you choose…


To add that extra spice to the impact, treat your QR code code campaign as a product launch by engaging your customers with a social media marketing teaser campaign. Ask questions about previous super-bowl winners, famous players and game winning events…




Texting #2 SMS – Text messaging is universal so make sure that you include this tactic in your Big-Game Marketing strategy. And, at the same time, be careful to be respectful of how you use it. Time sensitive news is a good use so now you have collected mobile phone numbers using the QR code tactic, make use of them as part of your product launch by asking your subscribers to predict the score at half-time and full-time. Then announce the winners to one and all.


Twitter#3. Twitter Campaign – A tweet is 140 characters long for a good reason. Twitter founders, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey designed the platform to be used by people on the move. So make use of it in your mobile marketing strategy. Set up lists of useful services needed by people going to the game [don’t forget to add yourself to each one] Create another two lists, one for each group of fans. Respond to tweets in your stream about the game. Take your quarter by quarter scores game and tweet about it. Not forgetting your  QR codes sweepstakes competition either. Tweet about game-changing plays (interceptions, fumbles, missed field goals, etc.) then invite everyone over to yours after the game for a massive tweet-up


Facebook#4. Facebook – This is the perfect platform to run a competition or a quiz or a sweepstakes. There’s an App for that. Go to Lujure, Rafflecopter or Wildfire for more details. Engaging your community like this is adds to the fun for everyone involved. This year Madonna is booked to perform the half-time show so that’s a perfect excuse for a you ask everyone to rate her performance out of 10 and compare it points wise to other great shows from the last 5 years.


People can access your Facebook business page from their smart phones and play from inside the stadium. Then post Madonna’s score in a blog post on your site, email everyone and announce the result on your FB page. Ask people if they agree or disagree. Stir up the discussion and join in from time to time.


#5. Email – No launch would be complete without a sequence or three of emails. Create one sequence to support your sweepstakes campaign. Another about your social media teaser campaign. And a third telling the story who thinks who is going to win and by how much. All in the run up to the game. Then rinse and repeat after the winners have been declared and the tweet-up is over, thanking everyone for getting involved and saying how much you enjoyed it.


#6. Mobile Website –  The best is to have your existing site optimized for smart phones and slates Build Your Own Mobile Site
like the iPad but failing that you can go to mobisitegalore.com and set a mobile site up in less than 60 minutes. They’ll even host it for you. Create one page for each of the promotional tactics that we have covered so far. Integrating all these tactics so that one platform is driving traffic at another is the way to play it. Then you can focus your efforts on maxing out the engagement you get. Staying focused and driving deep will get your the most yardage from your cmapign especially if you treat the whole thing as a product launch aimed at boosting footfall or engagement with your brand


App#7. Mobile AppsA word of caution here. Businesses are creating vanity Apps left, right and centre and not getting the ROI they expected. According to analytics firm Localytics,  26 percent of apps downloaded last year were only used once. which just goes to show that if you go down this road, you have to follow through by treating your App as a new product that you should build a launch marketing strategy round.


Taking all the other 6 tactics into account that we’ve discussed, you may decide to pass on this for the big game but if you’ve already had an App built this is a perfect time to leverage game to do a product launch for it.


Make sure that you design a teaser campaign using Facebook and Twitter as we’ve talked about then give everyone who downloads your app on Game Day some kind of perk; Add a bonus for existing users who log in and use the app during the game. That way they don’t feel left out. Then, take some of the competition/quizz/sweepstake ideas discussed and apply them to your App launch. Announce the winner after the dust has settled on the closing ceremonies, and don’t forget to send a text or email to everyone who participated to say thanks the next day.


With the big brands drawing everyone’s attention to the super bowl by spending big bucks, you have a great opportunity to leverage the occasion to market your business for all your worth and at the same time engage your community through the use of social media and mobile.


Have you launched a mobile super bowl marketing campaign ? Do you have an App ? What’s your #1 tip to anybody considering adding mobile to their marketing strategy?


Pay it forward and share your experiences with all of us … Oh, and enjoy the game 🙂


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Rory Ramsden