11 Core Principles To Incorporate in Your New Product Launch

Paradigm shift keyboard

Paradigm Shift Keyboard

Here are 11 core principles that you should make sure are incorporated in your next product launch.

If it is to be the major success you desire, it has to be all of the following…

#1: Innovative – Your headline has to stop your prospects in their tracks by making a big promise

#2: Unique – To be powerful in positioning you as a thought leader it has to provide a unique system for achieving your prospects goals. New is not unique. It may be just more of the same. A unique system does not have to be new but it does have to provide a method that no-one else is using.

#3: Original – The idea of getting hold of a secret is very powerful. Offering your prospects something original is like inviting them to join a very select club. Psychologically, they feel that you have given the ‘edge’ over their competitors.

#4: Prospect Centric – Your product launch is not about you it’s about your prospects and your existing customers. It’s about helping them to reach their goals more effectively.

#5: A Paradigm Shift – Disrupting the market by giving your customers a completely new perspective, puts you head and shoulders above your competition. It grabs your prospects by the scruff of the neck and demands their attention.

#6: Intuitive – Your prospects should intuitively ‘get’ the value you are offering them. The risk that you are asking them to take must pale into insignificance in comparison to the value they will get out of your product

#7: Backed by Proof – The more layers of proof you can provide the better. Using proof elements provide by 3rd parties is the most powerful of all

#8: K.I.S.S –  Your Core Concept must be easy for you to explain in a sentence or two

#9: Remove Responsibility – To create hope that your prospects can overcome previous failures, your product launch story should explain that these were not their fault

#10: Be Better, Faster, Cheaper, or More Certain – What you’re offering will give your prospects their desired result either better, faster, more cheaply, or with more certainty of success than any other alternative.

#11: Support Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Your offer needs to be congruent with your USP

With these 11 core principles in place, your product launch is more likely than ever to be a success. Before you go ahead and push the launch button, it is best to validate your work by getting feedback from your core market.

That’s why we always recommend that you start with a small internal product launch to a segment of your list. In effect this a beta launch that will provide metrics and allow you to optimize your processes.

And another thing

If your product or service is almost the same as that provide by your competitors, do a bit of lateral thinking and define how you can change your customers perception.

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Rory Ramsden