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If you’re using Social Media in your product launch marketing strategy, you would do well to note that, since March 13th 2010, Facebook is attracting  as much traffic as Google does worldwide.

Here are the Facebook numbers

  • 100 million people are actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month which is 25% of all FB users.
  • 25% of all page views in the USA are on Facebook.
  • 54% of internet users in the USA have Facebook accounts.

So it stands to reason that you should build a Facebook Fan Page for your new product launch especially when you realise that ‘Vitamin Water’ drove people to their Fan Page in preference to their own website in a recent campaign.


In your enthusiasm to engage with your potential customers through an FB Business Page or Group – ex Fan Page – please take special care to ensure that you get as many as possible of these prospects to opt-in to your email list. You do not ‘own’ your FB real estate in the same way as you do your website or blog

The one should drive traffic to the other and back again. You can integrate Twitter into the mix too 37 % of whose active users tweet from their mobile devices. Add to this the development of html5 and it is hard to reject the assertion that mobile marketing should be a part of your next product launch marketing strategy.

Europe and North America are way behind developments in Asia in this respect. QR codes – Yes, that’s one on the sidebar of this blog – are common there but the more you look the more you see, certainly in Europe. Check your boarding pass for your next flight!

A fully integrated launch campaign or what I call ‘Friction Free Product Launch Marketing‘ will attract visitors to watch your launch blog  to watch your video, leave comments and opt-in from wherever they. Not using this off-line to mobile to on-line strategy will mean that your launch is less powerful than it should be.

And remember that in all the excitement surrounding  Apple which has

  • doubled it’s profits in the last year
  • sold 4.5m Ipads (15m by the year end) in the last quarter against a projection of 3.9m
  • sold 12m Iphones in the last quarter ahead by 1.5m on estimates

That smart phones only represent 21% of the overall mobile phone market now but that this number is growing daily. So you would do well to include a simple SMS marketing campaign in your new product launch marketing mix.

The world of online launches is definitely going mobile and yet few, if any, of the so called marketing gurus even mention the idea. The notable exception being Dan Hollings who was the marketing genius behind the “Secret”.

So if you still believe that being part of the crowd is the way to success then think again. It takes ‘uncommon sense’ to make the difference and bring new meaning to your product launch marketing strategy.

Yes… it is possible to see a good return on your investment if you just rely on driving traffic to your launch blog but NO… you are definitely missing out on the viral aspect of social media if you do not integrate mobile into your martketing mix.


Mobile marketing may not be a strategy that will deliver ROI by itself but as part of  the ‘Friction Free Product Launch Marketing‘ concept, it definitely has a future. You just have to re-read the statistics above to see the undeniable truth. Mobile is coming and coming fast.

Check out http://www.prolaunchmanager.mobi to see what a simple mobile site looks like. This is designed to work on any mobile device including the 80% of the total number of mobiles which are not ‘smart’.

Mobile apps may be sexy and they may be what everyone is talking about but they are just a flee on the back of the elephant which is the whole mobile scene. Getting one built costs money, real money. In fact, you have to build one for Iphones, one for Android enabled mobiles, another for Blackberry and no doubt Microsoft will come up with their own system pretty soon.

The market leader is of course Apple but if you take TechCrunch’s data as fact which is admittedly a bit out of date now, you will cut your market to only about 10% of all smart phone users in the USA if you just build an Iphone App. There will only be one or two winners in the ‘Smart Phone Wars’ if history is to believed so if you want a cost effective mobile marketing campaign stick to simple SMS messaging!

if you aren’t considering an integrated Friction Free Product Launch Marketing strategy, then please tell me why ?


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