10 Questions To Answer in Writing Your Sales Letter

Product Launch Copywriting



You don’t have to be a slick copywriter to produce copy that sells. When it comes to a product launch, the important thing is the ‘connection’ you have with your market so the language you use and your ‘tone of voice’ counts for far more, as long as you answer these 10 questions…


  • What is your core market’s biggest challenge?


  • What is the cause?


  • How much is this costing them ?


  • What’s stopping them overcoming the problem on their own?


  • Which are the most common mistakes that they make in designing a solution?


  • What are the biggest misconceptions about this challenge?


  • What are the problems they face and/or what are the steps to remedy them?


  • How will they benefit from finding a solution?


  • How will it make their life better?


  • What’s in it for them?


Remember there is a difference between a challenge and a problem.


Here’s an example…


The challenge may be to look great at your sister’s wedding. The problem is that you can’t get into that super slinky dress because you are overweight – Pippa Middleton had no problem with this one when her sister, Kate, married Prince William recently – The next challenge is to  lose XX pounds in the next 30 days, stay healthy and looked toned and relaxed on the big day.


That’s where you come in… Your offer has to provide a very specific answer to a very specific challenge being faced by a very specific group of people – niche –  who will immediately get the value of your solution and be prepared to pay for it.


If your product launch story is not tightly targeted, it will be nearly impossible for you to write a sales letter that pulls at your prospects heartstrings so strongly that they are compelled to buy. The key is to have their best interests at the forefront of your mind and genuinely want to help them achieve their goals.


They will sense it if you are anything but 100% congruent. Your focus must be on your core market. What is their biggest challenge? How can you solve it for them? Describe the problems they face better than they can and they’ll know that they have found someone whom they can identify with and whom they can trust to help them


No Trust = No Sale


Getting your sales letter written is just a process. It’s the emotions that you provoke in the reader that count towards the ultimate success of your product launch…



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Rory Ramsden