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A fully integrated launch campaign or what I call ‘The Friction Free ProLaunch” is a product launch marketing campaign optimized to take advantage of smart phones and tablets like the iPad. It will reach new prospects and customers  wherever they happen to be at the time. They will be able to access your launch blog,  subscribe to your launch list and enjoy the valuable content you provide no matter whether they are on the move or in front of a home or office computer .

Not using this off-line to mobile to on-line strategy will mean that your launch is less powerful than it should be.

There is powerful evidence that the mobile revolution is gathering pace. You only have to look at the recent results that Apple have turned in to see that…

  • doubled it’s profits in the last year
  • sold 4.5m Ipads (15m by the year end) in the last quarter against a projection of 3.9m
  • sold 12m Iphones in the last quarter ahead by 1.5m on estimates

That smart phones only represent 21% of the overall mobile phone market in the USA right now but this number is growing daily. So, for now, integrate mobile marketing into your overall product launch marketing strategy by including a simple SMS marketing campaign.

The world of online launches is definitely going mobile and yet few small businesses are incorporating this into their local marketing strategy. The notable exception being Dan Hollings who was the marketing genius behind the “Secret”.

So if you still believe that being part of the crowd is the way to success then think again. It takes ‘uncommon sense’ to make the difference and bring new meaning to your product launch marketing strategy.

Yes… it is possible to see a good return on your investment if you just rely on driving traffic to your launch blog but NO… you are definitely missing out on the viral aspect of social media if you do not integrate mobile into your marketing mix.

Mobile marketing may not be a strategy that will deliver ROI by itself but as part of  the ‘Friction Free Product Launch Marketing‘ concept, it definitely has a future. You just have to re-read the statistics above to see the undeniable truth. Mobile is coming and coming fast.

Check out http://www.prolaunchmanager.mobi to see what a simple mobile site looks like. This is designed to work on any mobile device including the 80% of the total number of mobiles which are not ‘smart’.

Mobile apps may be sexy and they may be what everyone is talking about but they are just a flee on the back of the elephant which is the whole mobile scene. Getting one built costs money, real money. In fact, you have to build one for Iphones, one for Android enabled mobiles, another for Blackberry and no doubt Microsoft will come up with their own system pretty soon.

So test the mobile market first using simple text messaging first before you invest in an app. In the USA, smart phones are set to outsell other offerings by the middle of next year but remember that you have to build an app for each different type – Apple, Android etc – The smart phone market leader is of course Apple but if you take TechCrunch’s data, you will cut your market to only about 10% of all smart phone users in the USA if you just build an Iphone App.

There will only be one or two winners in the ‘Smart Phone Wars’ if history is to believed so if you want a cost effective mobile marketing campaign stick to simple SMS messaging, for now.

2D Barcodes Bring bring the Mobile Dimension to Product Launch Marketing. There’s one right there in the sidebar of this blog which links directly to the ProLaunchManager.mobi site.

Printed on any marketing material – brochures, posters, business cards, sales material – they enable anyone with a smart phone with the right software to visit  your website wherever they may be. So a QR code can act as a ‘hot link’ in the same way as any link on this page. It is not hard therefore to imagine how this tactic can boost the power of your product launch marketing strategy especially if you are a local SME.

Product launch marketing is all about engaging the people in your core market in a conversation. Have you noticed how Apple create excitement and anticipation each time they launch a new must-have product? Or when launching a blockbuster movie, Hollywood producers first build buzz in the market place by creating anticipation and excitement resulting in queues round the block before the doors open. There is no mystery to this process. Any and every small business can use the same techniques to engage their audience.

And in doing so you will gain important feedback which will enable you to zero in on their real needs, wants and fears. It will also allow you to demonstrate what a likeable, genuine person you are whilst proving that you are a master of your particular skill set.

Knowing that by 2012, there will be more searches done from mobiles than from computers, it must now be becoming obvious where will this conversation take place… Your customers are ‘on the move’ and not necessarily sitting in front of their computers.

They will be consuming video, audio and the written word on their Ipads, Kindles and other devices as well as their mobiles. It is time to tap into the mobile market place.

Product Launch Marketing – 1.0

The conversation is centred on your launch blog. Your email sequence and your online ‘events’ drive traffic at this blog and encourages people to comment. The more comments you receive the more ‘social proof’ you can provide.

Product Launch Marketing – 2.0

Use  the ‘Product Launch 1.0 ’ techniques and add social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to drive even more quality traffic towards your sales funnel.

Product Launch Marketing – 3.0

Or as I prefer to call it – Friction Free Product Launch Marketing builds on PLM 2.0 by adding mobile marketing, 1-800 numbers and 2D barcode.

You’ll need a .mobi site which can be built out quickly so you can promote it on your email signature, on your blog, and in downloads. Your prospects can then stay in touch with you on the move and just as importantly you can stay in touch with them using video clips, 1-800 number recorded messages and SMS messaging.

The kicker is in the use of 2D barcodes – These are unique barcodes that can be tracked so you know which .pdf or video download is engaging people the most. Remember to use them in all your printed material too so if you do a post card campaign, you can connect with consumers in an “offline environment”.

In the mobile sector, the USA lags years behind Europe and Asia. These QR Codes as they are called,  have been used for a while in Japan. In fact, if an advertisement catches the interest of someone in Japan while they are out and about, 41.7% say they engage with the ad by scanning the QR code to find out more information.

So find out more about 2D Barcodes and integrate a mobile marketing strategy in your next new product launch using the Friction Free Product Launch Marketing by the Launch Pro. It’s only sensible to assume this “technology” will gain adoption in the Europe and the USA in the years to come. In the meantime, check what the top 50 companies are doing with their mobile marketing…

Fortune 50 Corporate Website Mobile Adoption

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