Are You Ready For a ProLaunch Product Launch?

The fact is that few clients are well and truly “Launch Ready”. Its not that they have not spent enough time on product creation. They usually have but product creation is only 20% of the job.


Let’s put it another way. The world is full of wonderful books. The vast majority sit unsold and therefore unread.




  1. Because the book was not focused on a core target market
  2. Because it did not really solve a desire or need in that market
  3. And because it was not supported by an effective marketing strategy;


So to help you avoid these same mistakes and ensure that you get your product to the ‘Launch Pad’ ready to be thrust into the money getting orbit you deserve , we have developed the … Drum Roll, Please!


The Launch Systems Tool Box” made up of  6 tactics to get your product launch ready


This acknowledges the work you have already done in creating your unique and remarkable product whilst focusing your attention on how to launch it into the market and get the maximum return on your investment.


You may feel that you have all this covered but you are probably so close to your product that you cannot see the wood from the trees just like the guys at Schlitz Beer


So here’s what is included


Tactic #1: Market Research


This is where we really zero in on your core market. Where we eaves drop on the conversations going on in your market place. Where we dial out the static and listen to the clear signals received in real time. We find out their demographics and their psychographics. We get inside their heads and discover what’s keeping them awake at night.


Outcome: Armed with this information, you can be certain that your product is laser focused and can be sold for top dollar


Tactic #2: Asset Mining


This is all about leveraging every single asset you have at your disposal to optimize your offer. You may be so close to some of your assets that they are literally right under your nose. Your very proximity to them makes you blind to them. A fresh pair of eyes can identify these quickly and put them to good use when helping you put together your offer.  After all, you want this to be so compelling that your customers would consider themselves crazy to turn you down.


Outcome: You have all you need at your fingertips to move to Tactic #3: Crafting Your offer


Tactic #3: Crafting Your offer


Now is the time to craft an offer that gives your prospects everything that they need to talk themselves into buying your product.  Remember, that buying decisions are made by the emotional side of your brain. Logic only comes into play when it becomes necessary to justify that buying decision. So the key here is to think F.A.B. or Features, Advantages and Benefits then move on to bonuses, pricing, your guarantee and your special launch offer.


Outcome: You custom build your offer to be so irresistible that your prospects don’t question the idea that they should buy it. They see it as a natural progression of their relationship with you.


Tactic #4: Buzz Building


Your launch story now has to be integrated into your launch blog, e-mail sequences, social media, niche blogs and on line events. Not forgetting, that you must reach out to your prospects on the move through mobile marketing too. Your aim is to engage the key ‘influencers’ in your core market in the conversation and build the buzz round your new product launch. You must become a part of your prospects lives by developing rapport with them.  Voice the same hopes, needs and desires and people will identify more readily with you and be more willing to reciprocate. They would far rather do business with someone that they know, like and respect than some stranger.


Outcome: Customer Engagement, Reciprocation and Respect for you without which launching your new product would be a nightmare.


Tactic #5: Your New Product Launch Team


So here’s where you build a new product launch team around you.  It will have to react quickly and smoothly and be prepared to work all night on occasion to meet tight deadlines. This flexibility will enable you to react to events as they happen. Product launches don’t just get rolled out using some tired old plan that worked last time. They are dynamic living things that evolve and develop by themselves. Your new product launch team has to be ready for this and be able to make decisions ‘on the fly’. It’s good to have an experienced team on your side. The investment will pay off long term.


Outcome: Your product launch vehicle is almost ready for lift-off


Tactic #6: Pre-Launch Check Lists


Now you are almost ready to go. Your product is on the launch pad. There is one more uber important item left on your to-do-list. In fact, there are 11. Check everything.  330 distinctly different processes to check then double checked. Your credibility is at stake. You have gone to a lot of trouble to establish your authority so you do not want to flush it all down the drain now…


Outcome: You are launch ready


This Launch Systems Tool Box is not intended for just any old me-too type product that you may find on ClickBank or It is intended for your remarkable product. The one that is game changing. The one that will change the way your niche market looks at the world.


Remember that a successful launch will be life changing for you and your business too.


So if you truly want to stand out from the crowd and make your product launch the biggest ever in your niche,I dare you to fill out these 20 questions and tell us where your business stands today. You won’t regret it.


If you continue to do what everyone else is doing, you will remain just one of the crowd. If you want to be remarkable, start now. Tell us about your business and we’ll get back to you in 48hrs.


Together we can achieve remarkable success.