Hire ProLaunch

So how do you hire ProLaunch to manage your product launch?

In fact..

Should you hire a product launch manager at all?

And if the answer to that question is Yes…

How do you to go through the process of hiring a product launch manager? And what can you expect him to bring to the table? And what will a product launch manager do for you and your business? And finally, what should you expect to pay for that product launch manager and when?

No doubt, some or all of these questions are buzzing around in your head.  So let me help you figure out the answers but first let me introduce myself…

Just A Few Words About Me, Rory Ramsden…

I was carefully screened by Jeff Walker to take part in his very high-end, very elite Product Launch Manager training. I am a ‘Jeff Walker’ product launch manager. I am also a serial small business entrepreneur with 20 years’ international regatta marketing experience at Olympic level. In this time, I have also become an integration-marketing specialist who is knowledgeable in search engine marketing, pay per click, article marketing, social media, video marketing and other methods of driving traffic.

Let’s Back Up For A Minute And Talk About A Launching a Product

The first thing that I want to do is back up and just talk about a product launch because before you can decide whether you want to hire a product launch manager, you have to really know what’s involved, so let’s talk about product launches and what they can do for your business.

Now, What’s A Good Revenue Goal For Your Product Launch?

Take the sales which you normally do in a year, whether that be $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 or whatever and take that number as the goal for your launch. The gross top line sales that is. So if you do a hundred thousand dollars in sales in a year, then the goal that I’d be after would be a hundred thousand in a week with your product launch.

But There’s More To A Product Launch Than Money

Now, one of the important things to understand is that new product launches can do a lot more for you than boost your revenue. That’s great, but it’s just one of the benefits you could focus on …


Do you want to position yourself as the go-to guy in your niche?
Do you want to build your mailing lists [Customers or Prospects]?
Do you want to build JV and Affiliate relationships
Do you want to set yourself up for the next launch?

Do you simply want to make a ton of money?

Set a clear goal for your product launch

It’s good to set very clear priorities before you get involved in your launch. These should be based on your pre-existing long-term business goals.

Doing A List Build With Your Product Launch

Doing a list build with your product launch will allow you to gain more exposure in your niche. Even your prospects, the people who don’t buy from you, will still feel engaged because you’ll build your relationship with them too.  You’re going to get a warmer relationship both with the people that buy from you, your clients, and also your prospects, the ones who don’t buy from you.

This is opposite.  Maybe it’s even counter-intuitive to what people think normally.  They think I’m going to burn out my list by sending a bunch of emails about my launch.  That’s not the case if you do your product launch properly.

When you do and put out good pre-launch content; when you have a conversation with your market, you build warm relationships.  I’ve seen this over and over and over.

Attract Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates
Doing a launch is one of the best ways to bring in new affiliates and new partners. Let’s face it, you’re on your competitor’s list, right?  You should be…

And your competitors are on your list as well. Other people in your niche and in related niches are on your list and they’ll see your launch.  They’ll see what’s happening.  They’ll see you’re about to have a big payday and they’ll come to you.

In fact, you’ll have all kinds of new affiliates and joint venture partners coming to you throughout your launch, even if it’s an internal launch. So you’ll attract people asking if they can promote for you.  You can then build relationships with those partners and affiliates, both the ones you currently have and your new ones.

A Launch Is A Conversion Machine

A launch is about converting lots and lots of prospects. It does it really effectively and when you convert effectively, that means you generate a lot of affiliate commissions and joint venture commissions. There’s no better way to get these guys excited about promoting for you, now and in the future, than by making them a ton of money.

Focus On Building The Conversation With Your Market

Throughout your launch, you’ll be in a conversation with your market. That’s a really a big part of your product launch. It’s all about having this ongoing conversation for the days and weeks of the launch. And your new prospects, your new clients, will tell you what they want from you for your next product.

So focusing on building the conversation really sets up your next launch.  This conversational launch style is very, very powerful in terms of identifying future opportunities.

Get Huge Momentum From Your Product Launch

And finally, you’ll get huge momentum out of your launch. There are other things that are easy to quantify.  It is easy to quantify the sales. It’s easy to quantify the list build. It’s easy to quantify the relationship build.  You can look at your open rates, your click through rates on your emails, you can look at your blog comments, you can easily measure your relationship from these.  You can also measure your success with joint venture relationships.  It’s pretty easy. Just look at how many you’ve got and how much business they’re doing for you.

But momentum is a little harder to measure, but it’s very real.  I like to think that your business is either growing or it’s dying and when you’ve got momentum, you’re growing and there’s nothing that gets you growing and gets you momentum like a product launch.

What Can A Trained Product Launch Manager Bring You?

Okay, so if that’s what a product launch can get for you, what can a trained product launch manager bring to you?

They’ll bring you experience.  They’ve been through launches before.  Perhaps, you haven’t been through launches before.  I hope you have Product Launch Formula.  If you’re going into a launch without owning Product Launch Formula, you’re making a big mistake.  So I hope you own Product Launch Formula, but maybe this is your first launch.  A trained product launch manager brings you experience.

He also brings an extra set of eyes on your launch and that’s really important. No great product launch happens in a vacuum.  By definition, you have a blind spot when it comes to your business.

We all do.  I’ve got a blind spot about my business and that’s why when I’m in a launch, I go to my friends, my mastermind partners, and bounce ideas off them. I always get feedback from them on what they think about my launch because no great launch happens in a vacuum.

He’ll also get a lot of work done for you. Maybe it’s writing copy or managing affiliates or recruiting affiliates or working on project management.  He can help you with prelaunch content.  If he’s like me, he can get the support of Jeff Walker’s platinum mastermind group where he can ping questions at them and get great input.

He’ll bring additional resources since he’s in the business. He’ll have the resources to go to or be able to find the resources.  All of a sudden at the last second, you may need a video editor or someone. He can just call a few contacts and access what you need.

What Does A Product Launch Manager Do For You?

One of the things you’ll usually get is copywriting and there’s a lot of that to do… there’s email copy; there’s JV copy; there’s swipe copy for the JVs to send out; there’s blog copy, there’s video scripting; sometimes, even there’s sales letter copy!  Not always, definitely ask about that.

You’ll get help with the strategy and planning out the whole launch sequence, the timing of the prelaunch, the timing of the launch, the sequence of the launch and the prelaunch.

You’ll get help with prelaunch content… planning out the prelaunch content, what pieces to do when and where, what to include in each piece, how to make that pivot from sharing free prelaunch content to talking about your offer.  That’s the real key thing that a lot of people mess that one up big time.

You’ll get help with the positioning of your launch, the positioning of your offer, and the positioning of your product the putting together of your offer [super important]. This means you have to figure out what to actually offer as part of your product; what to split between the product, the bonuses, the launch bonuses, the stick bonuses and the unannounced bonuses.

You’ll get help with tech issues-he’s probably not going to be technical but he’s going to know where to find the best technical help available.

You’ll get help with joint venture partners. This is a major part of a big product launch.  The recruitment of the right partners and the management and motivation of these partners is almost like running another launch within your original product launch. In fact, you may have your whole launch planned out and nail down except the joint venture partner element. So this could be a huge benefit to you.

You’ll get help with project management-just making sure the project comes off on time and the stuff gets done and you got the right list of stuff that need to be done and someone’s keeping track that the stuff is getting done.

So to sum up, there are three primary areas that need attention during your product launch

1.    Marketing & Copy

2.    Joint ventures Partners and Affiliates

3.    Project Management.

You may not always need all three of these, but be aware of the three major parts of your big product launch.

How To Decide Which Product Launch Manager To Hire?

First of all, the number one thing is you’ve got to make sure Jeff Walker trained him or her. Jeff runs the only product launch manager training in the world. It’s very rigorous and goes into a lot of detail, which is way beyond what’s in product launch formula.  That’s intended to teach business owners how to figure out their launch.  Product launch managers have to know how to step into someone else’s business and analyze it and figure it out and then optimize their product launch for them.

It’s a very different skill set. So Jeff’s trained product launch managers, like me, have been trained both on product launch formula and in managing and running someone else’s launch.

Second and another key thing when you’re considering who to hire is to be clear in your own mind what you need?  That’s why I gave you that list of three main skill sets and that big laundry list of what to expect.

So figure out which of those you need and then look at the product launch manager you’re thinking about hiring and see whether there’s a match.

Third… you’re going to be working closely with your product launch manager, so the chemistry between you has to be right.  He has to be someone you can get along with. Someone you can communicate well with.  Really pay attention to this when you go through the selection process.

Remember, he’ll be going through the exact same process in his mind too. It’s a two-way street. He has to figure out whether you are a good fit for him. His diary is probably pretty full so the timing has to be right as well.

So How Much Will You Pay A Product Launch Manager?

This is one of the big things people wonder about.  It’s a tough question because it really varies dramatically from PLM to PLM and from project to project. That’s why we put together the ‘Launch Systems Toolbox’ so you can run through the detailed preparation of your product launch. Doing this will dramatically increase your chances of hiring a good product launch manager.

Anyway, if you have a huge company, a huge list and great partners, you can count on a very, very successful launch. This will be reflected in the fees you pay your PLM whereas someone who is starting from scratch is going to pay another rate altogether.

Remember your business has to be making about $100k pa to make hiring a product launch manager feasible. At this level, it really starts to make sense economically for you and for the product launch manager.

So, say you’re just starting your business and you’ve got a lot going for you – You’ve got some good assets, you’ve got a great product, you’ve got access to great partners and you’re just starting out – you could be a great fit.

But say you’ve just got a nice little business that’s been humming along making you $40k or $50k pa and you want to do a launch within that business, it’s probably not going to make a lot of sense to hire a product launch manager.  Probably better to, get hold of Product Launch Formula and pop out a quick launch yourself.

So what will a product launch manager cost?

Generally, we charge an upfront fee so that you can secure a launch spot on our calendar – as Jeff Walker trained product launch managers, we are in extreme high demand right now –  and we’re going to come in and do a bunch of work for you, so you can’t expect us to just get excited about it when you say “Hey, I’m just going to give you a piece of the launch and not pay you anything upfront ”

There may be exceptions but they’re rarer than hen’s teeth so plan on paying a chunk upfront followed by a percentage of the gross sales before returns.

Then, you’re in – we have some skin in the game, your success is our success and our success is your success so it tends to work out really well.

So, that about wraps it up.

I hope this is helpful.  Now the last question is, if you want to take this to the next stage, I suggest we both jump on the phone so you can tell me more abut your plans, your product, your business and your timing. I’d be happy to explore the opportunities with you with absolutely no commitment on either side.

Just remember, I get pretty busy so I may not be able to help you myself but I’ll certainly be able to identify a colleague who can.

So this is how you to hold of me.  On this page, there’s an opt-in box, put your name and primary email in there and click the download button. You’ll then receive an email from our auto-responder asking you to confirm your opt-in. Just click the link and you’ll immediately be able to download the Launch Systems Toolbox complete with 6 worksheets.

Read through that and make use of the worksheets.

Then contact me using the contact details to right of this page.

Speak soon…