Guest Posting on ProLaunch

Guest Posting

Yes, I happily accept guest posts to share with my audience here at 🙂


In order to streamline things and save time all around, I’ve compiled a few guidelines for you. And they are…


* Your post must bring value to my readers. This means it has to be relevant, of course. Furthermore, it needs to bring something of value in an interesting way. We all know that blogs about blogging can easily fall into a trap of saying the same things over and over again. So, please, if you’re going to send me a post, make sure you bring a unique angle, unique personality… something unique which makes the post interesting. Blogging 101 level stuff that’s been said a million times already isn’t going to cut it.


* Your post cannot be overtly promotional. It is OK to drop a link or two to your site, but your post shouldn’t be a blatant commercial for anything.


* Please do NOT contact me asking about what to write. Simply put, if you have a post in mind for me, write it and send it in for evaluation. But, please, do not email me asking what topics I want. I won’t answer you.


* Don’t be boring. Write with the reader in mind, and realize that my audience is busy. If you want to get noticed, it has to be interesting and compelling, and written in an easily scannable way. Read this post about how to write for readers riddled with ADD. 🙂


* Make your post web-ready. Check for grammar and typos. If I have to correct too many stupid errors, I’m going to give up and not publish it. I’m no grammar nut, but I’ve gotten some real doosies before as guest posts. Just plain unreadable. Don’t be one of those people. Your job is to make it so that all I have to do is copy/paste your post into WordPress. The closer you can get me to that point, the better.


* Include your bio at the end. No more than 2-3 sentences.


* Your post must be exclusive. I don’t want to publish a piece you’ve posted somewhere else, even if it is your own site. Your post must be unique to


Submit Your Post



What to Expect Next…


1. Your post will be drafted and first be reviewed by my Charlie. Only once he verifies it meets my guidelines will the post go to me to see if I like it or not.

2. I cannot give you any kind of time frame on when your post will be published. Various things can affect the publishing schedule on this blog, including any promotions I might be running.

3. While I will try to give you advanced warning of your post being published, realize that it doesn’t always happen. Nothing personal. I try my best.

4. When the post goes live, be prepared to monitor reader comments and reply to them on the blog.