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Contacting Rory Ramsden


Need to get ahold of me? Cool. I’ve got a number of ways to do exactly that…


Product Launch SWAT Analysis


If you want to talk to me about your upcoming launch, it would be best to start with a 30-minute chat on the phone or Skype. This is what I call your Product Launch SWAT analysis.


A limited consult like this is absolutely free with no commitment on either side. Our schedules may not synchronize. We may not get on.


If that is the case, I certainly know someone who can help you


During this initial phase, I will ask you a lot of questions about your business, your product, your market and your goals so it is important that you prepare for this call.


The more that you tell me the more easily I will be able to assess what we need to do together to get your product to the launch pad and beyond.


Here are my contact details

Skype: Rory.Ramsden

Telephone: +1 424 238 0515

EMail: [email protected]


I’m on Twitter at @rhuarhii. Feel free to drop me a line over there THEN FOLLOW ME. This way I can reply to you via direct message (in case it is a private matter).




You can shoot me an email.


  • Don’t expect an instant reply. In some cases, I get back to you pretty quickly. But, I get a lot of email and, as you can imagine, so it might take up to a few days to hear back from me, OK?


  • If you are contacting me about a potential JV partnership or having me promote something, please view this separate page about that.


  • Don’t contact me about placing any ads on this site. I don’t host advertising unless it is my own.


  • If you’re interested in guest posting for this blog, please view the guidelines and submit your post on this page.


  • If you’re interested in becoming one of my affiliates, click here.




My phone number is +1 424 238 0515.


HOWEVER… don’t expect me to pick up the phone.


You will go direct to voice mail, more than likely. It isn’t that I’m a snob, but I am very careful to guard my time as I’m a very busy man.


A Few Phone Rules…


  • Please be very specific about the reason you’re calling. You won’t ever hear from me with a “Hey, this is XXX, call me back. Thanks” voice mail. Give me a compelling reason to call you back.


  • In most cases, emailing me is going to be quicker than calling me anyway.


  • If you’re trying to sell me something or ask me about JVing with you, I won’t call you back. Period. Use email.


Again… This is just called “time management”. It isn’t a snobby thing. Phones are nuts as I am sure you appreciate. Without controlling the process, they cause endless interruptions and you get nothing done.


I’m sure you have rules about this sort of thing too.


So, that’s all I’m doing. 🙂


Customer Service


If you need to get in touch about a customer service issue, please send a mail to my support desk.


It isn’t that we’re trying to hide, but using our support system, my colleague Charlie Mander, can deal with your issue a LOT faster than I can. Not only that, but we can keep issues better organized and provide better service. If Charlie needs to forward the matter to me, he will don’t worry.


Keep in mind, I still ask that you use the support desk (above) for customer service issues. Thanks.